Oliv Super Fast Universal Charger 33W

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Super Fast Universal Charger (33 W)
About this item: Compact and convenient: The corrosion-resistant connectors on the durable adapter allow it to be connected and disconnected multiple times without signal loss.
Consistently receive a higher-quality signal. It’s best to use the brand you’re looking for right now!
ULTRA COMFORTABLE: This Oliv-Life flash Adapter has a compact design and provides fast, efficient charging.
Copper that is 100% pure and of excellent quality: Modern design with a smaller connector that fits into smaller spaces. A cable that is thinner and more flexible. Compact and smooth connecting head, increased charging capacity (up to 2100 mAh). Compatible with all Chargers.


Model Name Oliv 33W Fast Charger
Color White 
Connector Type USB
Wattage 33 Watts
Cable Type C Type Cable
Product Model DVCH-005
USB Port Single 
Input AC 100 – 240V
Std.Output DC 5.1V-5A
Design in USA
Made in INDIA 
Charging Time 40-45 min


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